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Depakene - what is the best drugs used for bipolar disorder ?

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LaurieShay 1 Sep 2011

Hey reshadi,

The following link provides a list of meds used for bipolar disorder:

These meds are listed in alphabetical order not order of best to worst. There are reviews for each drug.

I take Abilify along with 2 antidepressants with continued success. It really is a matter of treating your particular symptoms using antidepressants for depression and anxiety with a mood stabilizer such as Abilify. If you are prone to episodes of mania there are meds to help this too such as Lamictal.

Hope this helps,


cetteferge 2 Sep 2011

Hi reshadi-It really depends on whether you are a) cyclothymic (cyclical emotional highs/lows, b) bipolar II or c) bipolar I, increasing in symptomatic severity from low to high. I, for one, am bipolar I, and have had a manic break, so I cannot use anti-depressants, as many bipolar I's cannot. Although we typically suffer from nasty depressions, to match the hypermanic episode(s), anti-depressants can sometimes cause that mania, as they did with me (Effexor). I take Seroquel, Trileptal, and Dextroamphet. for ADHD (plus thyroid meds) For some reason, that's the magical combination for me for over 12 years. But, everyone's brain chemistry is unique, just as we are individuals. So, together with a good diagnosis, the chemical and sometimes behavioral methods will differ with each person. Certain meds. seem to work better for bipolar II, others better with bipolar I. There are several classes of meds, and several meds within each class, so after about 2 years and 13 meds, I finally found the right combination! Hopefully, it won't take you as long! It requires patience, but its magical when it works, and we function well again. Good luck! Everyone will have good feedback, and talk to your Dr., based on what your symptoms are. free discount card

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