I've the exact symptoms of sleep paralysis occurring multiple times. I went to a doctor and he said it wasn't sleep paralysis and what I've is "increased brain electricity" (not sure if the term is right in english). and I've been on depakene for a year.I'm having a dosage of 500mg (250+250). Now the sleep paralysis happens less and is not as strong as before.

Now i should continue on it for extra 3 months. but i really got sick of it, I can't concentrate, and I'm always feeling tired and I feel like i don't have the power to do things i was able to do easily before taking depakene. i discussed this with my doctor but he just keeps saying depakene doesn't have these side effects.

I'm pretty sure that what happens to me is sleep paralysis (but my dr didn't even know what is it!!). So shall i continue on depakene?