Hi everyone
I was recently diagnosed with chronic TMJ and i have always had bad canker sore breakouts. The Dr who told me I have TMJ gave me
Clonzapem - did nothing to help the pain and made me feel loopy if I took too many
Celebrex - They came in packs of three which I (stupidly) thought meant take all three at once. They wrecked my stomach, I was vomiting blood and sick as a dog for a day. I have taken just a few (1 at a time) since then, and they give me stomach discomfort with no jaw pain relief at best.

after a few days, I tried Tramadol and Lortab 5/500 which I found leftover in my medicine cabinet. The tramadol did nothing but the lortab actually helped, so I called my doc and asked for a prescription - he told me "that's suspicious" and gave me a prescription for Methocarbamol (which does nothing - even if I take 2-3 at once)

I then made an appointment with my dentist who I have seen since I was little, he's the one who had written the lortab prescription in the first place (for my wisdom teeth last year).
He gave me a custom mouth guard to keep my jaw from clenching, and a prescription for 16 Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen with 0 refills. The mouth guard seems to be helping. The pills help a lot - it seems like 1.5 is the right amount for me to take because if I take 2 it will start to hurt my stomach a bit, which I think is the acetaminophen.

Here's the thing - I have a follow-up appointment tomorrow, and I want to ask my dentist about getting a hydrocodone ONLY prescription so no acetaminophen. Is this too suspicious? What about if I asked for just a refill instead? It seems like people are very wary of prescribing this, but it's the only thing that has helped me. I'm not abusing it, it's just the only thing that actually helps. Being a 20 year old male, I'm sure it can look very suspicious, but what else can I do? Is there a less "suspicious" medicine that I can ask for that will help? I'm afraid I'm going to run out soon and with no refill I have to admit I'm nervous. I don't see myself needing this all the time down the line - because the TMJ really comes in flare-ups, but I want to be able to have pain relief for those flare ups.

Basically, I want to know, what is the best way to approach my dentist about getting this. What would reinforce to him that I am not looking to get high, just medicate the pain when I have it. Thanks to anyone who read!