I have been on a large number of meds do to a back injury. This has been over the last 4 or 5 years. I was given several steroid shots in my lumbar region and was on heavy medications. 11/04/2011 I had a HEMYlamenectomy and it didn't relieve the pain so I was back on heavy meds and steroid injections again. I hurt so bad in my back and leg that I started falling so on 04/30/2013 I had major back surgery L3, L4 and L5 screws and rods with bone from my hip used to fuse. The second surgery was miraculous and I only have pain when I overdue. The problem is during this period the high dosage of meds has destroyed 20 of my 24 teeth. I have always taken care of my teeth and had regular checkups. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years getting root canals with crowns. Two years ago I had a root canal and a new crown in the back and my two front teeth were broken off years ago and were patched by the Dentist but they kept breaking of. So my insurance paid for crowns for the two front teeth and I paid the difference to get veneers. So you can see over the years I have spent thousands of dollars to take care of my teeth. My question is: was it possible the high dosage of Hydrocodone, Neurontin, Flexeril, Baclofen and Xanaflex destroyed my teeth? Thank you, Greg