I went to the dentist several times over a month and a half, each time i had a reaction to the medicatin he used, one time it took me 20 min before i could get up. barrly walking out. I would be up side down for several minuets. once for 45 plus min. that was the time it took me 20 mins to get up. I was working one day and had a vertigo like atack and nausea. was taken to the ER. i was working at an elivation of 2500 to 4600 feet. travaling several times up and down, back and foreth. I still have balance problems and have lost half my hearing in my right ear. I have had cat scan, and MRI. there was no sign of infetion or damage, or stoke to the inner ear. or other damage. can the continued use and reaction of the drugs caused the problem. all this happend within a month and a half i was at the dentist every week . he never change the medication. i asked them what they were using.