Sorry if I sound dumb, but I've had a bump on my gums below a lower right molar for three days now. It's a little redish. Today is the only day where I felt pain, which only began when eating. Other than the bump and redish tint, it doesn't look like an abscess from what I've seen on the internet. I'm not sure though if maybe it doesn't drain puss until later when a "head" forms. I also don't have any symptoms besides some pain here and there. No fever, swollen lymph nodes (that i can tell), and my breath seems pretty normal. I'm kinda scared since I have no insurance or much money right now. I don't even have a job as of now. Please help a fellow out, I'm starting to freak out a bit reading so much about dental abscesses. And I guess just to describe more, the molar it's under is missing a chunk. The bump feels smaller at times. There's not pain unless I apply pressure towards the tooth. Can this go away on it's own f it isn't too severe? Will antibiotics get rid of it? Thanks to anyone in advance who responds. I'm really trying to keep it together as I think of what to do in case it gets worse.