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Can I be denied admittance to nursing school for taking prescribed drugs: suboxone and tizanidine?

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kaismama 19 Apr 2012

I doubt the tizanidine would be a problem. The suboxone I would worry about. When I went to school it would have been definately, now I'm not as sure.

Woody1234 19 Apr 2012

Even if it is a legal prescription

kaismama 19 Apr 2012

. I would check with an admission board of a school and find out for sure. I went to school in the last eon, lolol.

DzooBaby 19 Apr 2012

You know, I went to school a long time ago but I do remember them asking about drug use but it seemed to me then, that they were more worried about illegal drug use but that was 1985-a long time ago! I know, now, as far as drug use on the job, as long as it is an Rx they wont do anything about it, you have to have an Rx for anything that comes up in your system, if you dont have an Rx to prove it you can be terminated. I take Oxycontin for pain and my last employer test didnt even test for it, they only tested for morphine, so mine came up clean since thebaine derived drugs wont trigger a positive on that test. The only thing you can do is inquire ahead of time to see if it will be held against you. When you call to ask, just remain anonymous-dont give them your name.

DzooBaby 19 Apr 2012

They have gotten a lot pickier on students though since when I went. It seems funny to me because we are so short on nurses right now, especially on the hospital floors and skilled nursing facilities that you would think that they wouldnt be so picky.

kaismama 19 Apr 2012

And I went 20 yrs before you. lolol... I've never even had to take a drug test for work. I was thinking about the anonymity when a call was made too.

kaismama 19 Apr 2012

oh, and they have to be picky, I've seen way too many nurses get caught stealing drugs, so as it is.

DzooBaby 20 Apr 2012

This is true and truly unfortunate! I can remember when we didnt even count Darvocet and Tylenol #3 and you probably remember when we didnt count narcs at all! Every quarter I get a publication from the State Board in my state and it always amazes me the list of nurses who lost their license due to drug diversion. I worked with one girl who had a Soma problem and she used to come in hardly able to speak. We found out later she was forging scripts for it. She had to go through the Can-Do program then ended up getting her license suspended anyway. It is not worth it!! And you WILL get caught. There are too many checks and balances in place now for diverting narcs not to be noticed. I wonder if there are more nurses using or just more getting caught?

kaismama 20 Apr 2012

I remember demerol when it came out, it was supposed to be the unaddictive answer to morphine, lol. We counted narcs but we had alot less drugs considered narcs. Darvon comp was the first problem we had, when I was in the army. The guys were taking the little pink ball out of them, saving them, and getting high. free discount card

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