I've been on Adderall for around four years and just recently I was informed by two different doctors that I can no longer get my medication because, and I quote, "you're just a housewife". Had I been a student or employed it would have been different. I asked the first doctor "So because I'm just a housewife I don't need to be able to function?" Yep, that's correct. I can't find any site that states that "housewives" are not to be prescribed Adderall. Someone please help me out!

Had I never been treated for my ADHD it would be different, I never would have known or noticed that my brain didn't work like other peoples does, I always thought that's just how it is. But being medicated all those years and finding how awesome it was to actually start AND finish projects, to sleep through a whole night damn near every night and to be able to watch a movie all the way through... the list goes on and on, has now cursed me because now I KNOW how it's supposed to be, I know what it feels like to function normally and how I'm being forced to live isn't even close.

Being a housewife is no reason to deny anyone quality of life!