I have a wrist sprain, possible fracture. The er dr. gave me anaprox. It is not helping @ all. I go to the orthopedic dr. tomorrow afternoon. My mom gave me a 50mg demeral from when she had surgery. I have taken lorcet, lortab, & vicoprofen before for injuries or menstrual pain. Those medications do not knock me out or make me sleepy @ all. So can someone please help me as to whether I were to take half of a 50mg demerol, if it would make me sleepy(or could)? Also my mom said to take part of a phenergan with it or it would make me sick? If it does have the ability to make you sleepy, is it a slight drowsiness or will it knock you out. I know all meds are different for different people, but on average should this medication make me sleepy if the other 3 I listed have never done that. I do know demeral is stronger than the others I listed. Thanks.