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Dementia - What drug can be used to stop panic attacks of a dementis person?

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kaismama 20 Mar 2013

That's kind of a rough one because this varies by the person. I've seen risperidol and haldol used and ativan and even a few where buspar was used. Sometimes paxil works.

DzooBaby 20 Mar 2013

People with dementia have difficulty expressing that they have pain and they will get very agitated and restless when they are hurting. I have found that just giving them a simple pain medication can help. Even something as simple as acetaminophen or an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen-whatever they can take- can calm them when pain is the issue. A lot of these people suffer from conditions like arthritis and with the dementia, they lose the ability to communicate that they hurt. If they dont calm down with a pain pill then there are other medications to use. I, too, have seen haldol, risperidone but also ativan and sometimes even Benadryl. Talk to the patients Dr to help decide the best course of action. There are so many options out there and without knowing the other conditions the patient has, it is hard to say so the best thing is to consult the physician.

DzooBaby 20 Mar 2013

If they have breathing issues like asthma, emphysema, COPD, or heart failure and their oxygen saturation gets low they can panic and sometimes just putting them on some oxygen can help in this case. free discount card

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