It all start with me having a major axiety attack at work, and the doctor told me i was a anemic and the axiety heighths cause my pulse to reach up to 130,that scared me so i went to the er and they did all all kinds of test including heart test, and stress test all were negative everything check out ok. But i still was having a high pulse rate and they could figure out why so they gave me fluids and my pulse rate went down rather quickly, and the dishcharge me to go see my family doctor.The doctor told me that it was axiety and he want me to start taking ativan , along with iron vitamin C and he also add a low dose of atenolol. I guess my question is to if the ativan works to lower my pulse rate why do i need the atnolol and since i don't have have blood pressure what is the atenolo going to do and is it safe to take? What if it drops my blodd pressure too low? I have so many question that they have answer to i don't want to take anything, but i know i need too to help with some of this anxiety i am have some if anyone could help me understanding this i would truly appreciated it.. Thanks in advance