My son has Downs Syndroms and Eisenmengers Complex (problems with his heart and lungs). He will need a heart and lung transplant but he has been refused. He suffers from gout and was being prescribed Indomethacin for this. However, it caused problems with his potassium level and he was in hospital for a week. In hospital, the gout returned and he was prescribed Prednisolone, which cleared it up. He started on 15g for a week, then 10g for a week, and then 5g for a week.

After a couple of weeks at home, he got excruciating pain in his shoulder, just behind his collar bone and the doctor again prescribed Prednisolone. He was on 20g a day, then went down to 15g and then to 10g. However, after three days on 10g, the pain has returned. We have given him 15g again, and it has eased, but I'm concerned about how long he may have to take it. I don't really know very much about it, and I would be really grateful for any help or advice you could give me.