Is my Cardiologist correct here - He has opted to leave a Greenfield Filter in my Inferior Vena Cava "as an extra measure of protection" and I thought biological material built up on these? I have good, balanced, levels of Warfarin Sodium but guess that the risk of a PE is fairly high based on his actions? They found a Factor V Leyden Deficiency in my blood.

The expanded basket has been in me since last summer and if it wasn't my imagination the surgeon who placed it in the Cath Lab said it should come out this past February as the longer it was in the more difficult it would be to remove - but he and my Cardiologist (same practice) have changed their minds. Any insight is appreciated. Feels odd to know that the foreign object is in there.

I'd like to start walking to try and gain better health and lose some weight over time. I don't want to dislodge anything. Other complications in my health would certainly benefit from better oxygenation in the extremities.