... after a return flight from Australia to the UK. I do not smoke, I have never taken the pill, I am not overweight and I am reasonably active. As far as I know there is no history of blood clots in my family either, but i have had a blood test this week to check for disorders (i will get the results next week). My ultrasound shows multiple clots in my left calf area. I have been prescribed Xarelto and told to wear support stockings for the foreseeable future, even up to 24 months hence. I am shocked that I have DVT and am now cursing myself that I did not take precautions on the flight such as staying hydrated and moving around the plane regularly as I have travelled extensively over the years and I am aware of the risk of DVT's when flying long distances. I am hoping and praying that the clots will disperse eventually and that this is just a one off incident and that I will go back to being medication free and in good health. Am I being realistic? My doctor is just a regular GP from my local medical centre and he seems a little clueless about DVT's to be honest. A quick search on the Internet seems to indicate that DVT's are common and some statistics even state that death from DVTs and PE's are more common than breast cancer in the USA - terrifying stuff.