I have recently begun taking Bystolic 20 mg in place of 400mg labetorol and I am very dizzy, nauseous and headachy. I have such dizziness and nausea that I can't even get out of bed for more than a few minutes at a time.
This condition was present in a lesser degree for several months but seems to have been made worse since the switch to Bystolic?
I take 12 pills a day and would like to eliminate whatever I can so that what I am taking is empowering me- not making me feel sicker. The pills I'm on include: GALANTAMINE 8 mg; METOLAZONE 2.5 mg; FUROSEMIDE 40mg; VENLAFLAXINE ER 75 mg; VITAMIN B 1000; LOSARTAN 25 mg; PRAVASTATIN SOD 10 mg; BYSTOLIC 10 mg; CLOPIDOGREL BISULFATE 75 mg; TRAZADONE 100 mg; ZETIA 10 mg, LOW DOSE ASPIIRIN.81 mg.
Any help you could provide would be helpful and reassuring - I am about to go crazy with the constant headaches and dizziness. Thanks for the help.