... mind taking at all) started to have a negative effect on my body. The LP I saw had some testing done and unfortunately taking the estrogen birth control pills gave me awful migraines and blurred my vision. Any birth control that contains estrogen was then wiped off the table for me. I decided to try Nexplanon because one, it contains progesterone, and two, it worked more with my life rather than the progesterone pill that was very time sensitive. In July 2014, I had gotten the implant. And at first, it didn't seem to bad. Until my period came and my cramps were bad enough to send me to my knees. I was warned of this but I didn't realize it would be that bad!! For the first nine-ten months of having it, the cramps were awful. Even now, I still get those gut wrenching cramps every now and then. What's really starting to get to me is: I'm on week four of my period. Two weeks of bleeding, one week of brown blood/discharge, and bright red spotting, and now today, when the brown blood/discharge started up again after only a three day break. It's getting ridiculous. I didn't get my period in December but I bled for more than half of January! My periods seem to be getting longer and being on this birth control has become much more inconvenient due to this excessive bleeding. Has anyone else had this problem at all? Is there something I can do to help with the brown blood/discharge?
If all else fails, I'll have to contact my gynecologist to review my other options (which isn't much :(... )