I lost my job recently and I've applied for dental help through the department of social services, they say they could not help me so sadly I have teeth rotting and decaying I visited a dentist who extracted one of the 5 teeth which was the too wisdom tooth, which in turn spread through to a broken tooth next to it, there are two that only have pieces still in my gums, it has caused me severe pain, foul taste very often, and there is severe infection and I just would like to know why if a dentist sees the severity, and tells me it's toxic and possibly could lead to death, why couldn't I have just been billed or set up a payment plan? Also my bottom row is over crowding, a tooth which he had tried to save has broken and is now infected and there is a wisdom tooth on the left side that is decaying and no one will help me!!! I know it's my own fault, bye to past years of smoking cigarettes, which I am no longer doing because it made them rot quicker. I also need braces because of the over crowding I'm just becoming depressed about it all. Is there any such thing as an emergency extraction? And to make it all worst my face is becoming disfigured and my teeth are decaying fast no mater what preventative steps I'm taking because the infection is spreading through mouth. Please please hear my cry for help this is agonizing and it's getting to the point that I can't eat, hard food , cold food not even hot foods it has to be room temp or else I experience a rush of pain through out my entire mouth.