I've been on birth control (Tryclen-low) for almost 3 years now... (Think I would be at taking it right?) and I rarely ever miss pills. Late? Yes, sometimes. Well on Friday (feb 19th) I missed my 3rd active birth control pill in my new pack. I realized this the next day and took two in one day. Since then, I have taken all my birth control pills at the right time. Here comes the stupid part: I have unprotected sex last night (so four days after missing the pill.) I know it doesn't matter but he did pull out. I've read on many websites that one pill should not decrease your chance of getting pregnant THAT much, (I know there is always a possibility!) Though other websites encourage using condoms for 7 days after. I'm worried that since I missed my pill in my first week, that maybe I should go and buy plan B. I've never taken it before and I know it can mess your stomach and period up. I already have terrible IBS so im debating it. Also I have heard you have to re start your birth control pills. Anyways, I would just like some advice since my family doctor is away.