i have read all the reports & letters re fentanyl and have chosen it as a way to get out of this life. i am a Brit ,suffer from bi-Polar 2, am 68 years old and have been on FENTANYL for 12 years at 150mcgh. i have a little stash of about 50 of the 100 patches and 50 of the 50mcgh ones so hopefully they will be enough should i i stick them all on. Reason for suicide usual one not loved, being no 2 in my mothers 92 year old life, hated by my sister, and after 30 years of happy married life find i am not no 1 in her life. absolutely no money worries of any kind in fact very comfortably off. seems a shame but funnily enough am not concerned about it at all. my only question is have i enough to do a good job or should i wait to get some more. have 30 odd oxycodone but dont want to be sick. to all of you out there in a similar position dont be such a fool if you are young and have your life ahead of you but if like me at 68 then good luck./