the pnone with our very special friend caringsonbj (Billy as you all know him). He needs all your prayers & good thoughts . His Mother is dying, & I am hoping it was just my phone battery that went dead tonite as we talked for over 4 hours & were cut off in mid sentence. I am very tired so forgive my typing a grammical errors. Billy has been a good friend to all on the site, & has had a lot of trouble himself lately with 4 broken ribs etc... For those of you that do not know Billy (newbies) he is one of the most caring indiviuals on this site. He has had doctors orders to stay off the computer, but sent me a message to call him ASAP! I knew it was his Mom as we talked just a week ago & she was taking a turn for the worse. Billy who had polio as a child has many health issues, & now all this new stuff with his Mother. His friends from church that he has known for years are going to take him into their home after Momma goes. But you can't even begin to know how horrible this is being for him. They are wonderful people & built an addition just for him onto to their own home. That is just how i effects people. He & I started on the site about the same time, & have become very good friends. I know a lot of you are also his friends. PLEASE, PLEASE, keep him & his Mom in you thoughts. I have seen the power of this group. It may not help his Mom, but lets all hope & pray that she goes peacefully. She is 94 years old. Her kidneys are failing & she has been going down hill for some time.It is her request not to be hospitalized, because she wants to be with Billy. He is taking this very very hard. I hope & pray he keeps taking care of himself. He has a wonderful support system thru his church & friends, but I feel the commraderie in this group of people on the site, & know they are many of you that know Billy, & would give an arm or leg to help him out. Please keep him close in your thought. I haven't been on much the past few days & now you know why. Thanks to everyone... Mary