... diagnosed about 7 months ago. He has received three times of embolization already, because new tumors appeared these months. He also has been taking Nexavar for about 3 months. Unfortunately, he suffers from severe adverse reaction of painful bullae and reddness formation over his hands and feet. His doctor had hold the use of Nexavar for a couple of weeks and told him to wait until the adverse reaction to his hands and feet subsided. The pain and bullae did subsided now, but instead, very thick brownish-black verrucoid thick plaques, large and small, developed over all areas of the previous skin with bullae. What are those? Could those be keratoacanthomas? SCC? or disseminated verruca, secondarily infected? And what should he do? Apply vaselin or salisalic acid or urea? Or those will disappear slowly and just leave those alone? Thanks for your coming reply