fibro burning pain and some anxiety issues. I worked with my psy and felt going off of this drug was easier than Lexapro a few years ago and for sure Pristiq last year. My question is I am feeling very lightheaded and weak as if I have lead in my legs. I am also re-visiting some old fibro pain in my back and neck I have not felt in years. I might not have realized the Lamactil was even helping these issues until I went off??? I wonder??

I went off Lamactil because I was having cognitive issues on this drug and generally not feeling well on it. Perhaps I was beginning a huge fibro flare, but I have not had fibro issue in 6 years.. I am very scared now and wonder if I did the right thing. I certainly do not feel like going back up on it now. I think I am quite drug sensitive and currently and taking 1mg. Klonopin for sleep and 300mg. Neurontin for pain. I also have painful bladder syndrome so do have a few pain issues.

Any feedback would be helpful. Does anyone think my headache, fatigue I am feeling these past 4-5 days since my last Lamactil could be causing this. My dr. is not sure herself. Perhaps any transition is tough for us. I am 57 year old very fit, healthy female.

Perhaps I should consider going back to a SSRI type drug since Lexapro worked well for 6 yrs. then stopped working we thought and I switched to Pristiq (lots of side effects on Pristiq..ugh