.Dear Doctor, I am taking Glucophage 850mg one tablet daily with the main meal. Since two years my FBS used to be between 120-130 mg/dl,and my HbA1c last October 2010 was 6.1
Since last six weeks my FBS is always 140-160mg/dl, and HbA1c became 6.5, my doctor advised me to increase the doze from two tablets to one tablet of Glucophage 850mg daily, but i started to feel muscle pain and weakness .
All my blood tests, KIDNEY FUNCTION TEST,LIVER FUNCTION TEST, and total LIPIDS are all in normal range. I am 72 years old,176cm length,and 85kg weight.
My questions are:
-Is it advised to take one tablet(1mg) of AMARYL in addition to one tablet Glucophage 850mg instead of two tablets Glucophage .
- How could i know if my Diabetes 2 is due to insuficient Insulin produced by the Pancreas or Mall function of the body cells.

Thanking you and best regards
Elia Al Far