an Epadural? Sorry if that's spelled I'm having one the next appointment I have with him. Before I started seeing this pain dr. the other one gave me 6 in one year. They were soo painful. but I have never had one from this Pain Dr. I'm seeing now. And every injection he's given me, in my knee's, shoulder, neck, and lower back, have never been painful. the injections in the lower back hurt. I'm very nervous about how painful it may be, but I don't want to sound like a wimp. I have a question about my back. Their are lumps on my back. That havent been there before. But I have actually asked my husband to rub across them very lightly to see that I wasn't crazy. He said it definately was there. I asked my dr. about it two month's ago about it, and he said it was just muscles. Well, there like whelps, and theres more than one, and they will burn very badly at times. It's the weirdest thing I've come across.Does anyone have any opinion on what it might be, and why they burn so bad at times? It may be just muscles popping up, but I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you so much to everyone whoes been there for me, always. Thanks, Ruthie