Dear Andres, Kaismama, Lara, Lynne and, Brandee,

My husband is fine! He had a severe case of vertigo that came about while he was asleep, really strange while asleep. It made him very very sick all day. He will be seeing his PCP as soon as he is no longer stubborn lol

I want to apologize for taking awhile getting back to you all. I was down in my back, then I think I sprain my wrist, it's painful and not able to move it too much, however, I don't think I tore a ligament, or maybe partially torn idk as I have not yet seen a dr. furthermore, I did not do the RICE as I am so good about telling others to do lol.

I so much appreciated everyone's concern and compassion :) Thank you all very much! Lynne and Brandee thank you much for your prayers :) I believe in power in prayer! May God bless each and everyone one of you.

your friend, pamee