Hello friends. Well, I say family, because you are that to me. I just wanted to say many thanks to all the responsed and great support, and the comfort I received from everyone, who took the time to say so many things that encouraged me, and especially helped me get through this. You have know idea how it touched my heart. I cried at all the responses. Good cries, because I was just so overwhelmed how much love I got from all of you. That really makes you feel like you're not alone, and you have wonderful friends there to help in anyway. I want everone to know, just because I have my own issues dealing with right now, that I can still can, and will be there for any of you, if you need me at all. And I mean that. Just a little quick update on my 18 yr. old who came here a little over a month ago. He is doing so great. He got saved, baptized, and going to a christian based 12 step program. It will still take a while to fully recover. It does with anybody. But I wanted to share how he is doing. Love to you all, Ruthie