I have been taking 2 mg a day for about 2 months and now I am trying to get off it because I want to deal with my anxiety w/o the use of benzos. I have been trying to taper down and i have started having chest pain, trouble sleeping at night, increased anxiety regarding just about anything, and most of all uncontrollable body movements. My feet are constantly shaking when in a resting position and my hands have started to become less stable as well. I have also noticed a loss of balance on a few occasions where I would usually stay up on my feet. I have had a few friends who have had seizures while trying to get off xanax and I am trying really hard to be as careful and cautious as I can to ensure that doesn't happen. I just wanted some advice on how I should deal with these symptoms/side effects because they are kind of scary and I just want this to be over as soon as possible in the safest manner possible.