Yes I am back, sorry if I worried anyone but I was sick again and I am slowly recovering thank you all for thinking of me it really means alot to me. I actually have a question though and I am having a hard time with it so bear with me please.
About a year ago I put someone in prison for sexual assault (he was already a registered sex offender as it was). I recieved a letter in the mail from the victims advocate office that he was granted parole and should be out soon, (they will let me know when he is out) probably about 30 days. This morning I turned on my TV and I had a major flashback where I had to call emergency sevices at our mental health facility so I could get grounded again, it was like watching me and him on TV even though it really wasn't it seemed so real the sounds and everything. Thank God for my cats jumping on me because that snapped me out of it and I called for someone to talk to but I really need to know if any of you have any coping mechanisms that help you out I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I am still very anxious so if there are any spelling issues please forgive me I am typing quite fast. I have taken my Thorazine for the anxiety but now i have to wait for it to work. This idiot was my ex-brother-in-law and also my cousin so that doesn't help any because it brings back the violence and stuff I went through with his brother, my ex-husband. Well that is all for that right now please feel free to contact me by private note or public I don't mind you all have always helped me and I love you all for it and have missed you all teribly but I should be back now barring any other issues. Thanks again folks and I look forward to hearing from you. SORRY SO LONG!!! marjorie zych