... almost 5 cm and didn't fall off for 2 years. I had a gyno who said he wanted to do surgery at 5 cm but then moved states and I was switched to another doctor. 3 months later my new doctor said it was gone, but by tracking my temperature found that I do not ovulate every month. I've been having pain since I lost my insurance in April until I finally went to the ER this week because of the intense pain I could not bare any longer. They found through the ultrasound I have two cysts on my right side, 1 cm and 2 cm. I've been put on birth control before and it's done nothing. Now I'm going to be adamant about finding out what to do, I've been diagnosed with endometriosis and these cysts are causing too much pain to bear. Other than birth control, are there any other treatments I can have the doctor look into for me? I'm 25 and I haven't been able to get pregnant with all my problems and my long term boyfriend just turned 30. Please help, any advice please. I've lost so much hope