I went to my Dr about 3 weeks ago and she upped my Paxil from 20 to 40 mgs, upped my Buspar from 10 to 15 mg, upped my amitriptyline from 50 to 100 mg, which I only take a bedtime if necessary, and I'm now on 50 mgs of Levothyroxine, as my thyroid levels were off. Since I've been on this now changed dosage, I sweat profusely, my pulse rate is extremely higher, I shake often and uncontrollably, and now it seems as if my anxiety level is higher. I was placed on Paxil and Buspar about 3 years ago as treatment for ptsd, depression, and anxiety. The amitriptyline was added about 6 months later and the Levothyroxine was prescribed 3 weeks ago. I'm just confused if my body is still trying to adjust to dosage increases and/or if the Levothyroxine is causing the above symptoms. I would appreciate any advice and help... thank you.