... have gotten employee-based insurance, they give me a hard time when my testosterone (first shots, then Testim, then Androgel) every year. They deny the first prior authorizations every year and throw some ridiculous reasons in my face. Last year, I had to wait up to 6 weeks for my medicine to be covered, and I had horrible hot flashes, sweating spells, and other symptoms as a result. This year, they are saying that the PA was denied because they do not know if I truly have the symptoms of my disease, and they need two blood draws taken between 8AM and 11AM on two days after three days without the medicine. The insurance company admitted that there is no guarantee that my prior authorization will be approved after doing what they tell me to do. By now, they SHOULD (even though I hate using that word) know that this is a lifetime condition for which there is no cure and for which, after lack of treatment long enough, one could die. Do they care, or would they rather subject me to "natural selection"? How many of you have been through this? How did you handle it? Doesn't it upset you that you need to go through this nonsense every year because Abbvie wants to overcharge on their medicine, and insurance companies want to hold our lives hostage because we are not rich--or because there are people who abuse this medicine because they want to be bodybuilders and are perfectly healthy? If I create a petition demanding Abbvie to lower their prices for people like us and for insurance companies to stop making it hard to get the medicine we need in order to live, would you sign it?