I had an eye surgery (Pterygium) which had to take a steroid afterwards (Prednisolone Acetate) and during this treatment I developed stomach burning, heartburn, acid reflux and anxiety symptoms. I was then tested for H. Pylori which was positive and was treated with two antibiotics, Amoxicillin (500mg), Clarithromycin (500mg) and Omeprazole (20mg). The dose was 2 of each daily for two weeks. I then developed food allergies to dairy, gluten and starch. The food allergy was believed to be leaky gut which I managed to heal in about 4 months of diet and supplements. My problem has been that my stomach burning (acid) has not gone away and it seems to have worsen. I'm currently on Pantropazole (40mg) twice a day but still having problems. I've had colonoscopy, endoscopy, blood tests and vitamin deficiency tests and all results are normal except vitamin D was low. My GI specialist says I have excess acid secretion but there's nothing he can do other than provide the protonix (Pantropazole) and my condition may or may not go away. I have tried controlling with alkaline foods and still have the problem even with the pill.

Anyone with similar condition that can provide useful feedback, please... It will be appreciated. Thank you.