Background: I'm taking it for mild, ongoing depression mainly. Before I was sleeping 7-8 hours a night easily and just wanted to take the edge off of my depression. Also I take my medicine in the morning.

I started 20 mg of Citalopram a little over a week ago September 29, 2015 and I started noticing the effects immediately in a good way (and in some bad ways). The first major side effect was really bad insomnia. I was drowsy during the day but I attributed that to my lack of sleep. After the 5th day of barely getting any sleep I talked to a pharmacist and started taking melatonin for a few nights. Along with that I called my doctor and he said that is was okay for me to move down to 10mg if needed.

After taking melatonin for a few nights my sleep cycle fell back into place and I didn't need to melatonin anymore but now I get drowsy during the afternoon/evening and I get exhausted around 8-9pm. Before I fell asleep between 12am-1am. Along with it messing with my sleep cycle I'm worried because I'm going back to work here next week and I work from 2:30pm-10:30pm and I don't know how my drowsiness will affect me.

I contemplated taking it at night but I'm worried it will cause more insomnia, or I could take it mid day to balance the drowsiness and insomnia.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I change the time I take it, Drink caffeine around 12pm-2pm, lower the dose to 10mg?