I receive my monthly 2-vials or syringes on ice from Fed Ex and keep them refrigerated until 30 mins. before my needed injection times. I've told my Dr. of my future travel plans, my concerns about keeping the syringes cold consistently, the worry of breakage, questions by T.S.A. at security checks, (which I know can be embarrassing, intimidating, even with official letters from my Physicians, I've been pulled aside "female check here!" yelled so loudly anyone within 3 blocks could hear!) This was just for domestic travel!
I know International can be far more daunting and thorough. In an effort to avoid all of that stress and worry of keeping it cold, safe from breakage, loss, etc. to me, it seems like going into a "pre-arranged" pharmacy in France & Israel (where I speak the language and will be with friends and family) would be a lot less stressful and risky compared to me taking them along with me the whole time!
If I were to arrange with my family or friends to give me the name of their Pharmacy/Pharmacist ... why couldn't I fax them the prescription and insurance info. before I leave? Then when needed, I go to the arranged Pharmacy to pick-up my prescription? I SO want to believe the "global village" and economy we hear of so often could work in this sort of instance; for safer travel, less fear and worry added on to an already compromised immune system where stress adds to my symptoms worsening! Add to that, the truth that international travel that has become far less 'fun' in the past 13 yrs for all of us, sick or healthy!!
When I asked my Dr. about this, he paused and said he didn't think that this drug has been introduced yet over there in either country?!
I'm having a hard time believing that totally. We often seem to be the slower country to give FDA approval to most drugs. Any insight, suggestions or answers to this issue will be much appreciated.