Hello, and I hope everyone is doing ok. I really just wanted to tell you about something that has happened. I don't need answer's. This isn't a question. As you allready know my 18yr. old came to live with us about a month ago. He was just getting ready to go to bootcamp, and found out he needed surgery on both of his feet and wouldn't make it through boot camp. He received a letter from the Marines that he was medically discharged. This upset him majorly, and like most of us have, made a mistake and started drinking heavily and doing some drugs. This didn't last long, and he came to live with us to quit it all, and straighten his life out. He is doing wonderful. He has joined a 12 step program and I can't even express how good he's doing. This part is extremely hard for me to talk about, but I just need support right now. My 21 yr. old, who just recently moved out to live in another state with his father for a while, isn't doing well at all. He was on a three yr. probation, and it was almost up, and due to a large amount of fines (restatution) over 100,000.00 had not been paid, they added five more yrs. he allready had a problem with alcohol, and was just lucky he didn't get caught. After finding out about the five more yrs of probation, he just lost it. His self esteem was allready shot, and he was severly depressed being a felon at 18 then. He got dismissed from the army and is now a felon, due to getting in a fight and really hurting another guy. Well, I just got a call from my ex-husband and he was picked up last night for a DUI. Just when I thought things were settling down a bit, because I've been through alot lately, this happen's. I have no idea what will happen. When he was on probation for three yrs. he was told if he messed up he could face three yr.s in prison. Up until now, he has been in no trouble at all, and passed all of his urine tests, and everything. I pray to God there is a chance he will not be sent to prison for breaking his probation, since he hasn't been in trouble for anything. He did drink, but just never got caught. I would greatly appreciate it, for those of you that beleive in prayer at all, if you would pray for my son. And me, but mainly for him. I found his mug shot today, and he just looked pittiful. He had tear's in his eyes. I broke down completely for a little bit, but had to get myself together for my five yr. old. He is home sick today. I've allready heard all the comment's about how he diseved this, and how he needed this lesson, to help him, and how it was his own fault. I really don't need to hear that stuff anymore. I know that. But he is my baby (first borne), and will always be my baby, and no matter how much he deserved this, it is completely breaking my heart beyond word's. So, please, if you can find it in you're heart to say a prayer for him, I would greatly appreciate it. He's not a bad person at all, he just has some problems now, like some of us have had in our past. I greatly appreciate anyone who reads this, and will do that for me. There are so many people on here that have huge hearts and really care. I could just use a little support from you all. I hope and pray you all are doing well, and that you will find some peace today. You're friend, Ruthie p.s. big luvs and hugs to you all.