referred to a great Pain Management at UNF- Shands Hospital. Called for
appt. and was told they were backed up, nearly a yr:( Phone rings the next day
and due to a cancellation, could I be there in the morning. My PCP had
faxed All my MRI's, x-rays, pharmacy records... So I hopped the bus and went.
Dr. Meanie said little, I peed in cup,& nurse drew blood. Waited in cold room
for hours. Dr. Meanie came back and said after he analyzes all my pee & blood, the next time I came back, he would probaly prescibe Morphine or Methadone:( ... Next appt, over a month away. I was scared of what I googled..All the bad stuff and interactions of drugs I was all- -ready on..
To end this long blog-- I am now on 2 10mlg. methadone pills a day. I was
ashamed to tell you all, but it is what it is. My pain is finally gone. I feel normal
again and able to function. It has been a long journey, to get medicine &
RELIEF:) Wow- I shared and I feel a new day has dawned. Please feel
free to let me know if you think methadone was a big mistake...