Hi group. After a long period of testing and diagnosis, my son will start Vyvanse this Saturday. Say a prayer for us. He is in the 8th grade. He weighs 185lbs and 6'1" (yes he is big). He will start 30 mg. for two weeks and then move to 60Mg. Son is taking this drug due to HUGE waves in his school grades. All A's and E's. If we did not give him tons of support with his homework, He would have D's. Son has no other issues, and we praise God for that. MAIN PROBLEM IS THAT HE IS EXTREMELY FORGETFUL, and has been this way for about 8 years. We have tried nutrition, vitamins, tons of excercise, and nothing has helped. I will try to log in everyday and leave you all a day-by-day diary of what I notice. Hope it helps and like I said, please pray for us