Ok,I'm 28 yrs old and me and my bf,knows what comes from sex. Birth control,not a good match with me. Condoms,is used but not all the time. So anyways,bf got lost in the moment and forgot about the pull out game. So he came in me a little. Angry or whatever,I scold him for plan B. So the next day,I took it. I was sick to my stomach and my poor head. Had a sharp pain in my ovaries,then disappeared. Later that night(I honestly believe,he wants baby) he had sex with me(un) so,this time,no male juice. So,I know the app to tell period,isn't always on point but at timeS,works. It said" ovulating". So it's day 1 after day after stuff..woke up with an ear ache,tooth ache and fever. Does this sound crazy? I never,in my life,get this ill. How and why? Can I be at risk of being pregnant? I'm sure,bf will be happy