so it seems as my mornings are comming closer and closer, my body aches wasnt too bad yesterday especially since my hour massage therapy. and then my 1st day i got on my treadmill, thought i was gonna die after 15 minutes. whew! cant remember the last time i broke a sweat like that. so i finally got that pill cutter and dispenser, cup all in one, since thats the one the store had so i can alott my daily pills and stay at that for disipline. thanks laurie, i finally got it. thinking about going for a bike ride tomorrow also, mabe to the beach park. id like to thank all of you for helping me, i cant get to where i want with out you, mary, pledge,heartsgrace, puckiemull, pattshane, canbeseen, laurieshay, mickfromchicago, caringsonbj, and my drill sarg thor... im sure im missing more family here but my mind is having one of those moments, lol. age is creeping up on me. and my bones are growing old, ha ha ha, be back in later to check in. gonna give back to me what is freely given to me now and in my recover from alcohol and meth . ttyl family, leanne