Still have anxiety but slept fairly decent from 3am on. I take what my Dr calls a low dose of Klonapin 1 1/2 mgs mostly at bedtime for 8 yrs. I have a disease that caused insane itching at the onset, it was 2 years of horror so I was put on an immune suppressant and the Klonapin. It is starting to help my anxiety and sleep as Tramadol leaves my system, at least it did last night. Then this morning I stumble on someone saying it is next to impossible to get off Klonapin. I can't think about this right now but can someone Pease reasure me I can stop Klonapin when I am good and ready. Right now It is serving a good purpose with my ilness. I have increased Klonapin this week and never increased but for a short time without communicating with my Dr. I can't believe what I just read. Please tell me I Wil be able to. Probably when I quit working now that I just learned this