I have been taking 2mg/0.5mg suboxone since last Wednesday. I had a terrible day yesterday, woke up feeling as if I were in w/d again.(please see yesterday's question to see all of my symptoms.) Spoke w/dr yesterday afternoon and he suggested i go down to 1 strip a day. Woke up this morning feeling much better compared to yesterday, however I still have joint aches in my hips and the excrutiating, sharp searing pain in my left side is now down to a bruised feeling when I take more than a small breath. however now BOTH sides feel bruised when I breathe. I took my one strip this morning at 6:30am but still have achy joints and slight headache. Also still have the squiggly bright lights out of both corners of my eyes. I took my migraine medicine and my headache is tapering off. I am still having cravings and no energy after almost 3 hours of taking my strip. I am going to take a 1/2 strip because I think it will help. What I don't want to say, but will because that is why we are all here, is I think I took too many subs day before yesterday. I began cutting them in half so I could spread them out (thinking this was the wiser way of taking them) and then ended up taking... I don't even know how many. At the point I did this was when dr had me on 3/day. Now he wants me on 1 a day because he thinks that is why I was so nauseous. He originally had me on 2/day, but after conversing with me on my third day he said I could take another one. I understood that to mean he wanted me on 3/day. So starting Friday I have been on 3/day. When I got up on Monday, I felt like hell. That is when he put me on 1/day. I am tired, sore, emotionally wrecked, confused, and at a loss. I know I should be feeling way better than I do right now, and in comparison to yesterday, I DO feel better. But, I am just... lost.