Am I losing it? Is this normal? I am sort of an emotional wreck at this moment. Crying, extreme fatigue, sore throat, migraine, chills, sweats, lead legs, sharp stabbing pain in my left side,stomach cramps, memory lapse (when nurse called today and asked how my suboxone was doing I couldn't remember what suboxone was!!! ) which rattled me quite a bit as that is practically all I've talked about six days, reading up on it on this site, asking questions, seeking help and guidance. Dr. just called and wants me to go down to 1mg suboxone as he thinks this is the reason for nausea, and get with my pcp for my maxalt (migraine med) since he wasn't the one to originally prescribe it. Again, am I normal, overreacting? The suboxone helps quite a bit with my pain (fibromylagia) so is going down in dose a good thing?