Today is day 6 of Prozac, I increased the dose from 20 mg to 40 mg, (as my doctor ordered), I still don't see improvements.

I am staying now with my friend, at her apartment for and I am socializing with her roommates and her friends, we went out today and met people, but after I got home, now I feel depressed for no specific reason, I feel my chest is tight, and something in there like solicitude or worries floating.

It happens all the time when I go out, I have fun, but once I am home, it feel this.

Today I saw beggars in the streets and I felt so bad, as a guilt feeling. Sometimes I prefer to not go out to not see poor or suffering people.

Also I called my sister yesterday, and she told me that my father was bothered by gangs while he was going somewhere for work issues.

I felt super bad and my chest was compressing, add to that I remembered that I went with my friend to eat at a restaurant, so I am thinking now that my father is being bothered to make money, and then I go to eat in restaurants.

I don't know how to deal with all these things.