I've been taking Suboxone for 6 days now about 2-3mg/day. I feel yucky(for lack of a better word) kinda nausieated and I have no energy or drive. I get sweaty easily~every time I go outside to smoke(obvious fix-just don't smoke!). I literally slept ALL day yesterday on thru the night(I usually have to take Seroquel to sleep), and I don't want to leave my room/get out of bed. It's probably safe to say I'm depressed. My doctor(aka-nurse practitioner) had me quit taking Zoloft and switched me to Cymbalta(even after telling her when she had me on it before I didn't find it effective) due to a long coming fibromyalgia diagnosis. I'm not sure if it's the Suboxone and/or change in psych med. I hate the way I feel!!! Thank goodness my two little angels are spending time with their grandparents this weekend! Now the question is: what do I do now? Should I just stop taking Suboxone? I don't want to feel like this ANYMORE!