so today i drop 1 pill, i did fairly well, i wont say the whole was candy cause it wasnt. some days i woke up with body aches and rls, and this morning is one of them, so all i can really do is get up, do my devotions, go on the internet and and come to see my family here. im a little nervous as to what this next 5 days with 1 less pill will be like, but ive been using the zofran wich helps tremendously, and xanax for my anxiety/panic, and insomnia that comes with the detox. all in all im hanging in there, being postive and finding ways to keep focused. tomorrow ill start a excersize regimen with treadmill, and riding my bike around the lake if wether permits, if not i got the stationary bike. i know the excersize will help and ill be able to sweat out some of the toxins. well thank you family, ill keep you posted, leanne