... nauseous and had diarrhea. Called my doc, she says to lower it down to 5 mg once a day.

Problem is, she also had me quit remeron at the same time. Within one week, I have gone from taking 30 mg remeron at night, to not taking any at all this evening. i have been on remeron since 7/29 at varying dosages. started at 7.5mg, then 15 mg, 22.5 mg, and was on 30 mg for 18 days. doc did not think it was workng.

my anxiety seemed to be getting worse while on it.
BTW I have been told I have GAD. Anxiety is my #1 issue. Depression not so much. My therapist says anxiety is my main problem.

So right now, I am not sure what is causing my nausea and diarrhea. Stopping the remeron too quickly? Or starting the lexapro? Or could it be the two don't mix?

I have other meds in the mix too, but not sure they are the problem. Doc gave me ambien to take back on 7/25. I was wary of it and have been tapering that down to where I only took 2.5 mg a night, then even less for a few days. I stopped it last week altogether.

I do take a unisom type pill to help sleep, doxylamine (benadryl gets me wired). I always used to take that before my bout with anxiety began in mid july. yes i do have anxiety, probably always did. but its been so much worse these past 2 months after a health scare. things turned out ok, but anxiety took hold and has not let go.

as i say, i am in therapy for that.

Doc says to take the 5 mg lexapro for a week, see if I feel better. I would assume by that time the remeron would be out of my system. So if I still felt odd, lexapro would likely be the reason. But she also said to stop the lexapro if I do not feel better, and to go find a psychiatrist (no referral).

She did give me 0.5 klonopin which was supposed to help with the start up with the lexapro. She also said it would help me to sleep? I understand it calms you. But I was not so sure I wanted to stop ambien only to start klonopin for sleep. Regardless, I only take the klonopin during the day.

I asked if nausea and diarrhea were common when starting lexapro, but my doc did not seem to know. Truth is, that is the reason I called her office as I have been told both remeron and lexapro are "easy" meds in terms of side
effects. I figured if they could tell me one way or the other than I could try and weather through the side effects.

I guess am looking for anyone who might take lexapro and if these side effects were common in the beginning. Also, anyone who might have stopped remeron and if these side effects are common for that.

One thing, I am extremely med phobic. I am my own worst enemy with anxiety and taking these type of meds. Prior to the end of July, I took a unisom pill for sleep and that is all I ever took in my life.