hello family, im proud to say, that yesterday was my 1st day on my newest taper plan, and although i was a bit uncomfortable, i kept my mind positive, took ibu to help relieve the achyness, zofran to help with the wd symtoms, and xanax for my panic/anxiety that was brought on and also to help me produce sleep. so i can say it was a success. today be #2 day of #5 days that i will take the 13 pills each hour 1. this is a whole different process to me, and its takeing some getting use to, but i know its not gonna be fun nor easy. when i started this newest way of tapering that thor gave me, for the past 4 days my dose was allready upped and i was taking 16 1/4 pills, whooo! thats alot to be taking. i know that excersize will help me a great deal so ill be using my treadmill, stationary bike and also be purchasing a womens cruiser to go and ride around the lake, which in hawaii, keolu hills where i live the lake is 3 miles and many many people, walk, jog, run, and bike. im pretty excited and am looking to the day that i will only be taking 12 pills, the 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, then ZERO PILLS. such awesomeness to look forward too. im having my coffee and 142 hawaii time, my resltess leg and arm syndrome and body aches woke me up. i do know from reading other posts my sleep will be thrown off big time, but its ok, that too will be abe to be fixed back to a normal sleep pattern. i know that i cannot rush this process, baby myself no longer, and let this demon pills destroy my life anymore. it took me 3 years to get here and will take me some time to get back to this thing i call life. i opened up a netflix account and bought the movie courageous so i can keep myself busy and lay in bed when im uncomfortable and watch movies. anyone else that has other ideas that can help me succeed in this taper, i am open to all suggestions. im so excited for the 5 days to go by so i can drop a pill, because that would mean im moving forward. but i will not cut before those days being id probably horribly screw up. well, back to my coffee and stretching this dam ibby jibbys our of my legs and arms, and stretch the aches out of my upper back and shoulders. i will be back to update you all, thanks family, till then, leanne