today is day today, lastnite i had a panic attack and could not finish up my work week, came home, took a hot shower and had to take a xanax, it helped and i went to bed. today about noon, i could feel a panic attack comming on, i tried self positive talk, breathing excersizes, reading up more on my condition to see what others have done to help, journaled and prayed and read my bible. i was able to keep it at bay and it went away, but this evening to prevent an attack i went ahead and took a xanax and i still feel some of the fear that comes with it, and im trying to find out why im still feeling this way. i guess im so affraid of that im gonna die feeling that even when i take under my dosage of medication i think something is gonna happen to me. i called many numbers yesterday in hopes of finding an inpatient behavioral health treatment center that i can go to, get the correct support and groups and be stabalized on medications. also im still taking the prozac 40 mg but am seriously thinking about trying the cymbalta my dr gave me to try instead. it is in the same family i believe so will i have problems of withdrawl from prozac, and whos taken cymbalta and had good outcomes. also got my appt with my phsyciatrist november 3. hopefully she can help get me stable on the rite medications. thanks all of you for helping me, leanne