Hi! I have generalized anxiety and was on 150mg of lamictal and 450mg wellbutrin, and decided 2 weeks into being on 150mg (I was on 100mg prior) that I wanted to boost to 200mg, because I thought I already felt the 'boost' of the 50mg increase (going from 100mg- 150mg) by that point and felt like I could use just a bit higher of a dosage. It is day 2 and I dont feel all that great.

With the previous combo (150/450) my appetite decreased, or at least I felt like I was more in control of my eating habits and not anxious about it (which has always been a problem for me). However, I also still had some of my underlying, baseline anxiety symptoms, which prompted me to boost my dosage. But since the first day of the boost, the effect went away.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I know it is a crappy symptom to focus on, but I'm wondering if my not-so-good feeling right now is normal for the first two days, but will diminish once again, in terms of how I feel and the relaxation with my eating habits/appetite. And also, if I go back down to my previous dosage of 150mg with 450mg wellbutrin, will I go back to feeling/having the same (positive) symptoms as before? You can clearly tell I have anxiety, but any help would be so appreciated!

Thank you!