I take thyroid medicine and my vitamin B-12 and D are very low and I am on supplements. I eat portionate foods and log everything in my fitness pal. Eating and hunger is not an issue for me, but my metabolism is. No energy to work out. Just getting up and doing the must have of the day exhaust me.

I can not lose weight with 1000-1200 daily calorie intake and 30-60 minutes of either simply fit board, walking or just standing and working at desk daily. So Dr put me on this Contrave saying it would boost my metabolism, yet, I am so tired, I must nap (which I never ever do) and struggle even more to get through the day.

Since I am only on day 2, should I stop it now or wait it out? If wait it out, how long and will it actually boost my metabolism?

Just a fyi.. in attempts to fight the tiredness yesterday, went for a walk with it being almost 90 degrees. Ended up falling (tripped), came home put ice on and was asleep within 10 minutes sitting up. This is not normal for me, is it for this med?

I need to lose 20-25 pounds